Thursday, 27 July 2017

Heart Orgiamai WK1 Term3

This week for Reading we have been working on a range of different things and this has been one of our tasks to follow a set of instructions to make and Orgiamai heart.Instructions

Friday, 9 June 2017

Writing WK6 T2

Report Writing

WALT:Writing Reports.
This week we have been learning about how to write proper reports. We had to make a Google drawing and take paragraphs from the reports we had my buddy and I chose Unique Wolves. We also had to match the Success Criteria with the paragraphs. 
I found this activity and helpful and I will go back to it when we write our reports 

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Hanmer Springs Camp 2017 Reflection

Hanmer Camp 

Last Week my class and I went to Hanmer Camp, I had so much fun. We did some many exciting activities my favourite  one was the Tree Climbing and Mission Impossible and we also went to the Lolly Shop called The Lolly Pot. This is by far my favourite camp. 

Tree Climbing 
This was my favourite activity because I went first climbing up. The instructor said to follow the rope sometimes I had to go over branches and under. But when I got to the middle of the tree I couldn't go and higher so I came down. Then we swapped sides with the boys that side was way easier. With my go I nearly got to the top! After that we did the Crate Challenge were we get some milk crates and someone has a harness and the get pulled up and we have to make a tower with the milk crates and we have a few minutes to make it as high as we can before time runs out.   
The Pools
We also went to the pools my favourite well maybe everyone's was the Super Bowl and the Lazy River. I also had fun on the hydro slides mainly the green one because it's fast and dark Hanmer has the best pools! Have you been there? 

This by far the best camp I have been on! 

Friday, 14 April 2017

Easy DIYS #1

Easy DIYS 

You Will Need: 
Jar and Lid 
Food Coloring (Any Color) 

Poor water in half of the Jar and put some of the Oil not to much or it will not work and make sure the oil is on top of the water. 
Fun Fact: Oil is heavier that water do it will slowly float to the top.The as about 5 drops of any color food coloring and Mix it with a spoon. 
I hope you enjoyed this and it turn out amazing. Expect more of them coming out!

Friday, 31 March 2017

WK9 Reflection

This week for Literacy we have been working on Anzac. Which I think is a great task because I have learned about other animals that went to war such as Canaries and Mules. I am finding this task fun to work on and it gets your brain working! You will learn more about them on my Animals war task. I am finding this task fun to work on and it gets your brain working! 
For Maths we have been working on Converting Decimals to fractions + Vice Versa. 
I found this task fun and a bit easy but still next week we are going to have bit of a challenge because its going to be a bit harder. I can't wait!
  This week is very exciting because its the Grey Main School Family Fiesta! There is going to Cupcakes and they are going to Judged some of them are Amazing. I am also performing for Kapa Haka I'm so Excited.

Friday, 16 December 2016

End of year Reflection 2016

This year and term as been amazing! My favorite part was camp and there as been so many pieces of work that I have done the I'm proud of. 

I think my Olympic work is the best because it was a big event of this year and I have really enjoyed competing in the school Olympics and watching my cousin Holly Robinson. She even came to my school!  

Thank You guys some much for commenting on my blog throughout the year and a big thank you to my Teachers: 
Miss Panther, Mrs Costello, Mrs Clark, Mrs Prendergast, Ellie and Tinaka!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

30BC The Enchanted Charms

Title: The Enchanted Charms                              

Author: Geronimo Stilton (Elisabetta Dami) 

Genre: Adventure. 

Summary: Hello Dear Rodents so for my Seventh adventure to the Kingdom of Fantasy. Queen Blossom has sent me on a very dangerous mission to collect the Seven Charms. I have, meet amazing creatures along the way, such as Tessa. The Giant tortoise from the desert of eyes and ears. There were also problems for a very sad village. An Evil wizard Called "The Evil wizard of the Black pearl," he turned everything gray!  
After you read my amazing adventure you will find out if I do collect the charms or not! Good-bye friends.