Friday, 22 June 2018

Road Patrol Digital Badge

I have earnt my Road Patrol Digital Badge!

Word Problems T2 WK7

Word Problems
This week instead of workbooks we have done subtraction word problems. I think there really easy to do but I enjoy doing them. I will put a Subtraction question and word problem down the  bottom for you guys to work out tell me in the comments.

Subtraction Word Problems

  1. Jim had 687 plants in his garden. The next door neighbour’s dog ate 288 of them. How many plants were left? 399
  2. Taylor had 1000 texts on his plan for the month and sent 782. How many did he have left? 218
  3. Samuel had a bag of lollies that had 643 lollies in it. He ate 296 of them. How many were left? 347
  4. Polly’s iPod holds 2000 songs. She has 1023 on hers. How many more songs could she purchase? 977
  5. Zak had 208 chocolates. He gave away 139. How many did he have left?  69
  6. Toby started the day with a goal to take 4000 steps during the day. By lunchtime he had take 685. How many more steps did he have to take to reach his goal? 3315
  7. Amanda cooked 431 pieces of toast on camp. 378 were eaten. How many were left over? 53
  8. Frank had to swim 990 lengths of the pool. On Monday he swam 54. How many did he have left to do? 936
  9. Tom had to write a 770 word essay. On his last count he had written 158 words. How many did he have left to write? 612
  10. Sally sent 56 text messages on Monday. She wanted to make it to 100. How many more did she have to send? 44

I have 56 Chocolate bars and my cousin Vanessa gives me 82 more. I eat 10 and give 34 away how many do I have left? Try it on paper and show your working out if possible.

Scary Descriptive Writing T2 Week 7

Scary Descriptive Writing 
For the last term we have worked
on descriptive writing language. 
This time is the last so were want 
finish with a bang  so we did a 
scary descriptive writing,
here you go hope you enjoy.

Image result for old creepy hospital hallway

Walking down the abandoned hallway of the old hospital a feel a slight breath on my neck a shiver runs down my spine making me anxious. I continue walking. I see a shadow move into one of the old rooms, all the doors have been open so there rusty when you shut them they creek closed. I follow the shadow speed walking then I speed up I’m not running my flash light is shining brighter than usual, it flickers on off and then it doesn't turn on again. The full moon guides me to the room the shadow went in, I walk into the room it’s empty there’s writing on the walls I can’t read then behind me the door screeches closed. I run over to it and start banging on the heavy door trying to heave it open “LET ME OUT PLEASE,” I scream Then my flashlight turns on  I read the wall aren’t you glad your still alive…?

Friday, 15 June 2018

ShantyTown Trip Week.6 T2

ShantyTown Trip
This week my class and I went to Shantytown for a class trip.We 
went to learn about the Chinese immigrants we learned so much and did heaps I personally had heaps of fun. I made a video using animoto to show you what we did here you go! 

Word problems WK7 T2

Word Problems
This week for maths instead of workbooks my group and I were given 10. word problems to do throughout the week 
I found them pretty easy to workout and I had fun doing
these I will put some at the bottom for you to work out! Enjoy!
Word Problems Wk 1
-make a copy and put into your Numeracy folder

  1. Totara 3 are raising money to go to Mistletoe Bay camp. So far they have raised $2457.50. It costs $4580, how much more do they need to raise?$2122.5
  2. It costs $550 for a class to go to Shantytown for a day trip. So far the class has raised $375, how much more do they need to raise? $175
  3. Samantha had $76.20 in her bank account, was given $50 for her birthday and then counted the money in her piggy bank which was $46.75. How much money did Samantha have altogether? $172.95
  4. Tim had $175, he went shopping and spent $68. How much money does Tim have left? $107
  5. At the orchard they got 5.5kgs of apples, 4.75kgs of pears and 1.7 kgs of apricots. How much fruit did they have altogether?11.95
  6. Larissa had $546 spending money that she had been saving throughout the year. Larissa went shopping at Riccarton Mall and spent $357, how much money does Larissa have left?$189
  7. Mr B planted 15 rows of lettuces, in each of the rows there were 8 lettuces. How many lettuces were there altogether? 120
  8. Totara 2 and 3 decided to grow strawberries. They planted 24 rows of strawberries and in each row there were 14 strawberry plants. How many strawberry plants were in the garden? 336
  9. Mr B had a bumper crop in the garden and got 14 kgs of potatoes, 6 kgs of apples and 12 kgs of lemons. How much did it all weigh together? 32kgs
  10. Suzy had $24.50 in her bank account, she then found $4.25 and was paid $35.40 for her paper run. How much money did she have altogether? $64.15
Can you figure this out? I have a 12 slice pizza I want to share it with 3 friends. How many can we have each?

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Growing healthy bodies Term 2 Week 6

Growing Healthy Bodies!
The explanation of our favorite drinks and how much sugar is in them.
For our new topic this term we have decided to work on Growing Healthy bodies and looking after ourselves 
what's healthy eating and drinking and what's not. We had a visitor come into our class today and explain how much sugar is in our favorite drinks such as Lift, V, Coke, Sprite energy drinks I think you get the idea.

Sugars in some drinks
Coke - 64 gms 16tsp
Red Bull - 51 gms 12+
Sprite - 25 gms 6+
These are just some of the fizzy drinks we like and how much sugar the may contain. (Fact: Coke puts a chemical called Acidity Regulator in to hide the sweetness in there drink.)

We have also worked on healthy eating and what's good for us and bad for us we looked at what's in a chicken nugget (Fact: there's different parts of chicken in chicken nuggets, and then its processed and battered.) 
Here's my slide on unhealthy and healthy food (We had to pick a color and find unhealthy foods and healthy foods and put them on our sides.)